Carthamus yellow

Safflower yellow,Safflower yellow pigment


Safflower Yellow (Carthamus Yellow) is a natural food coloring extracted from the petals of Safflower Tinctoria L. After extraction, filtration, purification, concentration, sterilization, spray drying and other processes, then will get the yellow to brown powder.

With good light and heat stability, with stable hue when pH from 5 to 7;Good dyeing property to starch and bad dyeing property to protein ;Easy soluble in water and dilute ethanol.

The main ingredient of safflower yellow is safflower amine. Soluble in water and ethanol solution, insoluble in ether, petroleum ether, oil and acetone. It is an excellent starch coloring agent, but it has a slight coloring effect on protein. Ferric ions can make it black. It has good light resistance and high temperature resistance.

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natural edible, can be widely used in foods, beverage, candy, cosmetic industry and dyestuff etc.