Cocoa shell color

Cocoa powder,Cocoa shell extract,Food coloring


Features:Country of origin: China.

Extracted from the rind of sterculiaceae cacao fruits by pickling, water washing and refined after soaking, filtering in the acidic aqueous solution,its main color component is flavonoid glycoside. Its final product is the brown powder, easily soluble in water and ethanol solution.Heat resistance, oxidation resistance, and light resistance are all strong.

Cocoa shell color is dark brown , no peculiar smell, slightly bitter, soluble in water and dilute ethanol solution.

It is stable under near-neutral conditions, and it is easy to precipitate when the pH value is less than 4. With the increase of the pH value of the medium, the color of the solution will deepen, but the hue will not change.

Strong coloring to starch and protein, especially coloring to starch is far stronger than caramel color.

Product Details


Pure natural odorless, hygroscopic strong dyeing ability, good resistance to light and heat. It is the chocolate color when pH is above 4.0 and its color is stable.Widely used in carbonated drinks candy wine, ice cream biscuits, medicine and other fields


Powder: 5kg/bag,10kg/carton;20kg/carton.