Monascus red

Red kojic,Red yeast rice pigment


CAS No.:874807-57-5

Features:Country of origin: China.

Monascus red also has a few common names such as red yeast rice pigment,red kojic rice,monascorubrin.It is widely used as colouring agent,widely accepted as safe food additive in many countries. Especiall be widely used in traditional medicines and as a food supplement. With efforts to replace synthetic food colours with natural colorants, Monascus Red color has become one of the favorite.

Product Details


Monascus red is used in candy, ice cream, wine, jelly, cooked meat, bean curd, puffed food, seasoning, canned pickles, pastries, ham coloring, also be used in medicine and cosmetics coloring as a natural red coloring agent


Powder: 5kg/bag,10kg/carton;20kg/carton.