Purple sweet potato color



CAS No.: 528-58-5

Features:Country of origin: China.

Red to dark red powder, a natural anthocyanin food coloring extracted from sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas ) tubers with violet or purple flesh. Easily soluble in water, Excellent light and heat stabilization under the PH2.0-4.0. Color changing from red to blue with the PH value increasing. Well suited for food products because it has a neutral flavor, unlike grapes for example, which have a nice color but with tannins bitter.

Product Details


Beverages, including energy drinks, soy drinks, spirits, juice drinks, specialty tea, water-Ice; ice cream; yogurt smoothies; fruit preparation; salad dressing; breakfast cereal; dry mixes; Confectionery; Fruit Preps; Jams; Jellies; Flavors.


Liquid: 25kg/barrel.

Powder: 5kg/bag,10kg/carton;20kg/carton.