Sodium copper chlorophyllin

Chlorophyll,Chlorophyllin,E141,Sodium copper chlorophyllin


CAS No.: 11006-34-1

Features:Country of origin: China.

It is a kind of natural pigment extracted from plants rich in chlorophyll. The main compositions are disodium copper chlorophyll and trisodium copper chlorophyll. It is processed by the alkaline hydrolysis of chlorophyll using copper where the magnesium atom is replaced with sodium and copper.The powder is soluble in water, but insoluble in oil. At pH 7.0 or above, it is green and stable.

Product Details


It is used as pigmentation or complementary color in beer confected, soda pop, juice drinks, marmalade, sweets, cakes, jelly, puffed food, cookies, ice-cream,dried kelp, processed fruits and vegetables, baked goods, jams, jellies , flavored milk, soups, and non-alcoholic flavored beverages, etc


Powder: 5kg/bag,10kg/carton;20kg/carton.